The 13th of May 1950 is certainly eventful for the amateur of sportscars history, with the first round of the first driver’s world championship on the silverstone airport.
The same day, the town of Mons in Belgium organizes "The city of Mons Auto Grand prix", and one Moto Grand prix one week before. ( to look the TELEMB vidéo of February 2012) ( to look the TELEMB video of April 2014 ) in French. ( The book )
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This website is intirely dedicated to my great friend, Rod Coleman, Norton's and factory A.J.S rider, the last 500cc Mons Moto grand prix winner 1951.( Freddy Beghin)

The organization of the 1950 had known many financials problems and also authorization problems of three differents villages, more the traffic change for the roads from Charleroi to Mons and Chimay to Mons. I think that the rain of 1951 has definitively killed the organisations futures in Mons. At this moment, they are eight cafés along the circuit and this one "La Barrière" has returned to the organizer 7000 Belgium francs of drink tickets gratis. One bier costs at this moment 5 Belgium Francs. (minus of 0,13 €)
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